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**Editor’s note: Racine County Eye Advertising Sales Rep. Judy Williams is the positive force behind this push for more kindness.

The community is invited to participate in a kindness campaign that starts with a movie.

Kindness is Contagious – a documentary featuring stories from real people from all walks of life talking about how acts of kindness transformed their lives – is coming April 8 to the Marcus Renaissance in Sturtevant.

“One little act of kindness creates ripples that impact each and everyone of us on a daily basis,” Williams said. “But, we need 54 tickets sold to make it happen.”

Tickets are $10 each and must be reserved by March 30 in order for the theater to screen the movie. With eight days to go, there are still 26 tickets available. Ticketholders will only be charged when the 54 tickets are sold.

Williams said she wanted to bring the movie to the Racine-area because the message is simple but profound.

I wanted to bring the movie to Racine because I think it is such a simple message, but yet such a profound message. If everyone did just ONE kind thing per day … this would have such a cumulative and positive effect on the community,” she said. “And one of the best parts is that being kind to one another, can cost you absolutely positively nothing.”

Support for the event is spreading with neighbors sharing the event Facebook page.

“Let’s do this! spread a pandemic of kindness of epic proportions!” Kathy Hart-Braun wrote.

Bethany DeMark Zimpel agreed.

“(I) am looking forward to this! Thanks for bringing this to Racine, Judy!” she said.