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The holidays are here and with that comes cherished local traditions. Here in Racine, we celebrate our Danish heritage with a Kris Kringle Tour! O&H Bakery teams up with the Downtown Racine Corporation to host a free whirlwind tour through our historic downtown that includes more than 30 of the downtown businesses, all with Kringle flavors to sample.

Kringles come in many flavors; this year’s tour will feature 11 different flavors, including seasonal specials like Pumpkin Caramel, Turtle, and the Wisconsin Kringle: filled with cream cheese, Door County cherries and cranberries. These special holiday favorites are not to be missed!

“Racine loves its Kringle! That’s because the people of Racine learned before any others that Kringle, the sharing pastry, makes any size gathering better. Here at O&H, we are honored to bake our Kringle for you to enjoy with others.” said Eric Olesen, owner of O&H Bakery.

This year’s Kris Kringle Tour will be on Saturday, Dec. 11 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Downtown Racine Corporation has maps available on their website’s events page, through their Facebook page, or at their office, located at 425 Main St.

“The Kris Kringle Tour is the perfect way to spend a day with family and friends, all while supporting our small businesses and celebrating Racine’s legacy as the Kringle capital of the world,” said DRC’s Executive Director Kelly Kruse in a news release.

While on the tour, everyone is encouraged to vote for their favorite entry in the Holiday Window Decorating Competition. Voting, which ends on Dec. 23, can be done either in-store or online at the DRC’s 2021 Window Decorating Contest album on Facebook.

Continue the fun by knocking out a few more holiday gifts while snacking on Kringle and gazing at the wonderlands created within the local storefronts. Holiday specials are in abundance with our downtown businesses, and with that, the metered parking will be free that day. Please note: This excludes all ramps with gates and the Lakefront Lot.

About the Kris Kringle Tour Hosts

Downtown Racine Corporation is a non-profit whose mission is to foster economic, social, and cultural diversity by stimulating business development, programming events, and marketing downtown to the community, developers, and tourists. The goal of the event is to ultimately grow foot traffic on the sidewalks of downtown Racine and get people in the doors of our awesome local businesses.

O&H Bakery was started in 1949 by Christian Olesen, the son of Danish immigrant Anton Olesen. The bakery is now in its 4th generation of leadership and is responsible for the oval-shaped Kringle we know and love. In fact, the Danish Kringle was named the official pastry of Wisconsin in 2013. O&H relies on the highest quality ingredients that are sourced largely from the state of Wisconsin, such as butter, cream cheese and other dairy products, Door County cherries and cranberries, and more, to make their from-scratch pastries.

O&H has 5 locations in the area: three in Racine, one in Sturtevant, and one in Oak Creek.

For details on all of their locations, visit the Locations page of their website.