By Bill Houston

Mount Pleasant, WI — Don’t let the scary masks fool you. The fun was real for a number of children who attended a local haunted house put on by the police department.

Officers from the Mount Pleasant Police Department and area volunteers transformed the Lakeside COP (Community Oriented Policing) House, 2237 Mead St., into an unforgettable haunted house experience for underprivileged youth in the community.

Orchestrating Good, a local media company, put together a video about the event, which happened on Oct. 25.

“I think it gives the kids a good memory from their childhood growing up,” said Officer Jim Kelly who organized the event. “A lot of the kids in the neighborhood don’t get out. They don’t go to haunted houses. They don’t get the opportunity to go to these places. They don’t get to go out and do like a lot of other kids get to do.

“They come here and they get the best of both worlds.”

Community Oriented Policing Houses focus on building relationships between police and neighborhoods around the city. Through interaction with the residents, officers gain information on crime trends, quality of life concerns and the needs of the community, allowing for program development to help the neighborhoods.

If you would like to learn more about Lakeside COP House, call 262-664-7946.  You can also follow the progress of the COP house, its community, and events on the Facebook page at Lakeside COP Facebook.