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Residents who live in the Lakeside and Lake Park neighborhoods who might need some work done to their homes, garages, and/or yards might be able to get some of those chores take care of the week of June 21. For free.

The annual Neighborhood Watch summer work camp is still looking for homes where students from across the country can put their skills and enthusiasm to good use. And the best news for homeowners? The work is free.

“This doesn’t cost residents a dime,” Charlie French, executive director of Racine Neighborhood Watch, said. “This program is for homeowners that need help with home repairs like interior and exterior painting, porch and step repair , yard work, and a lot of other things.”

Being accepted into the program isn’t automatic, though. French said he will visit and talk with property owners to make sure the situation is a good match for the group.

“There are experienced adults who help supervise and keep the work flowing, and we need to be sure the scope of work is within the capabilities of the campers,” he explained.

Run by Group Cares Inc. of Loveland, CO, the Group Workcamp program has been visiting Racine annually for most of the last 20 years; this is the 17th consecutive year. Over 900 homes have been improved over the years.

Campers usually stay at Case High School and are transported to their assignments. The camp lasts for a week.

Campers come from all over the country and pay hundreds of dollars to participate in urban mission trips to assist homeowners in underserved neighborhoods and/or folks who might be disabled.

French said he still needs 25 homes to give campers enough to do for the week they’re here.

“We’re really hoping to get homeowners on the southeast side of the city and into Mount Pleasant,” he added.

To be accepted as a workcamp home, homeowners should contact the Racine Neighborhood Watch office at (262) 637-5711. French will contact callers to schedule an appointment.