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RACINE — On Wednesday, the City of Racine announced the pausing of the redevelopment of the Lakeview Community Center at Lakeview Park, 201 Goold St.

F Street Redevelopment Group and Rinka+ had been collaborating on design plans over the course of the last year that would to bring a new building to the park in place of the burned-out Lakeview Community Center. However, rising costs of materials and interest rates are creating a barrier, blocking advancement of the project for the foreseeable future.

“I want to thank F Street Redevelopment Group and Rinka+ for their efforts to reimagine the Lakeview Community Center. As a reminder, Lakeview Park was always going to stay Lakeview Park. While costs may be prohibitive right now, it remains a goal of the City to explore what possibilities exist to rebuild the Community Center for future generations to enjoy,” said Mayor Cory Mason.

Remarks on Lakeview Community Center project from the developers

While Lakeview Park’s future is on hold, the goal remains the same. Scott Laurie of F Street Redevelopment Group expressed his gratitude to the mayor and the city with hopes of future collaborations.

“I thank the City and Mayor Mason for allowing us a year to explore options for the building,” said Laurie. “Unfortunately, the current market conditions with interest rates and costs of materials increasing creates real difficulty in producing a project of this type. Racine is a great community and it is our hope that when conditions become more stable we can re-engage with the City on this or other projects.”

Matt Rinka, of Rinka+, also spoke to the possibilities of future endeavors with the City of Racine including the Community Center at Lakeview Park.

“We appreciated to the opportunity to engage with and hear directly from residents about their concerns and hopes for the future of Lakeview Park and the Community Center. Should the market settle we remain interested in working with the City to present options for the community center that we hope residents would be excited about. There are many development opportunities in Racine and we continue to be interested in partnering with the City to explore those options,” said Rinka.

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