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A new type of ministry is currently being organized that aims to help further lift up the Racine area’s homeless through what is, for most of us, the everyday act of laundry.

Laundry Love is a fairly simple program: volunteers take over a local laundromat – in one city they choose the slowest day of the week – and they pay for both the washing and drying of homeless individuals’ clothes.

In the video accompanying this story, Laundry Love is described as both a way to connect and build relationships between the poor and the community and as a “modern day foot washing.”

Rev. Kevin Stewart, director of the Hospitality Center here, said in a recent email that efforts are underway to make Laundry Love work in Racine.

“We are developing our version of Laundry Love,” he said.

We hope to talk with Stewart soon about Laundry Love, and we will update this story after we do.

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