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**Editor’s Note: This letter was submitted by Robert Niemiec in answer to a recent story and comments about drug testing for some recipients of public benefits.

Let’s cut to the chase – … Defining the needy …. is it that simple, or do we need to have a means test before we get to that question? …. If children are involved … is means testing inappropriate, or necessary?  Should we discard means testing if children are involved?  … Or should we consider programs that relocate children when guardians are classified as unworthy via means testing?

Some claim to be concerned about the children that might suffer if their guardians are refused support because they are drug dependent.  Some are concerned about children left in drug dependent homes.  Others claim to be concerned that the cost to determine drug dependency exceeds the savings.

Another question is rested on determining if drug dependency determination is a Constitutional violation.

I apologize that I could not frame this topic better (at least not today … with my limited time) … but I believe it is a good topic, and I also believe the dialogue could intrude other issues that divide the general public if they are properly discussed.

Well … it is late …. perhaps we could have a discussion, another day, that realizes how we present these and other issues to our community in a way that strengthens our ability to resolve the divide, and results in a community agreed, and determined, to resolve issues.

Rob Niemiec