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**Editor’s note: This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Mount Pleasant resident John Martini in response to a commentary from Mount Pleasant Planning Commission member Joe Maier that appeared in The Journal Times.

I’m offended at the tone of the tales listed by Joe Maier, of Mt Pleasant. He captured the story as told by a Gleasonite from a former board. How dare an official of the village speak tonnage of deceit and expect to remain on staff? He gets a commentary, we’re limited to 250 words in the JT. It shows us whose side the JT plays to.  I doubt the JT will print my letter in entirety….Regarding Hwy V and the ridiculous assessments  and the village methodology of calculating assessments is under scrutiny, including the village attorney.

To repeat, Caledonia is the developer of this project. It was all forced sewer in inception. Developers pay for development  Mt Pleasant’s president Gleason added water to the mix without consulting the residents. Conveniently he has acreage north on Spring to access sewer and water. Others along the frontage as well. Thus for a few land owners on Spring and the frontage, the costs are thus to be  borne by sixty-two Highway V families.

There is no benefit of sewer north of Spring, a forced system. There is no benefit of water when we all have ‘PAID FOR’ wells.

There will be no development here for over twenty years or TID structuring could be conceived.

Independent tax assessors tell us the value of our homes are not worth more with city water.

Insurers don’t care either.

Authorizations and permits weren’t timely pulled, even DNR  approvals were done  after the fact.

Clerk and administrator were delinquent in publishing resolutions of the board ( the five from the Gleason board).
More than half the residents on V are over 60! Who can earn over fifty grand in retirement- on average?
Mr. Meier heard the attorney.

That old board pulled many bonehead mistakes here on this project, and  others elsewhere.. Joe Meier supported that board. He lost when his kinfolk lost their seats and should resign after his recent diatribe.

John Martini
Mount Pleasant