**This letter to the editor was submitted by Matthew Hanser, candidate for district #8 for the Racine Unified school board.

I have lived in Caledonia for the last 10 years.  I am fortunate to send 2 children to RUSD schools.  Although I support RUSD, and I believe my children have received a wonderful education in the time they have spent in RUSD schools, I also believe a new perspective can only strengthen our community.
Our community deserves a school board that actively listens to the public it serves. The RUSD Board of Education must encourage open dialog between the dedicated teachers and staff, the community and ourselves.  I have the skillset that will allow me, as a board member, to assist in that endeavor and propel our district forward.

It is the goal of every Board of Education to have students be successful.  Sometimes, the best path to success is slowing down and taking the time to ensure that everyone realizes how to achieve the goals set.  As a Board Member, I have the professional knowledge to ensure that the goals set by the RUSD BOE are attainable, beneficial and positive for our students.  I believe in supporting district policies that promote an environment and a school climate that support high academic achievement where all students and staff feel supported, valued and safe.

RUSD is fortunate to have dedicated staff that has high expectations of our students.  The school system is of high quality and through communication and hard work can only improve; progress happens when everyone works together.  As a Board Member, I will ensure that all voices are heard in order to advocate in the best interest of our students.

I am asking on April 5, you let your voice be heard and that you vote for me to see change happen in RUSD.

Thank you for your consideration.

Matthew Hanser