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Mount Pleasant Village Hall
This letter was submitted by Michael Devine
I wrote a letter against the funding of the Police pistol range from Sewer/Water funds for the police department. The next Board meeting was quite a surprise as Village President Gleason attack me and a Trustee. Village Ordinances explicitly states funds from Sewer/Water can only be spent for that department. Residents can’t question Boards agenda items as in past years. Many parts of this borrowing are hidden from taxpayers.The President verbally lambasted me because I notified the general public of his intentions. In a letter he and the Administer composed and read at the Board meeting I was ridiculed for questioning their policy and action when taxpayers wanted/needed more information. He then asked his minion to continue the negative insults like good little militia, each followed his lead with incompetent, unknowledgeable, deceives, slanderous, disturbing and anti Police, etc. What dysfunctional followers. I’m pro Police and Fire.We the taxpayers of Mount Pleasant are now voiceless. No input about Village procedures, costs or taxation. Its His way or the highway and ‘walking quorums’ .What’s lost, questions of Trustee voting and how! Roberts Rules on your rights, Transparency and Openness by all Trustees. In my opinion all the above by the Board was unnecessary.
Michael Devine
Mount Pleasant

3 replies on “Letter to the Editor: Mount Pleasant Residents Have no Voice”

    1. I’m going to expound on that, because I feel sickened by Whalen’s “DEFENSE” in the RICO lawsuit:

      Mt. Pleasant Village Administrator Kurt Whalen.

      DIRECTLY FROM KURT WHALEN’s DEFENSE, (THIS IS HIS PLEA!) page 48: “At best, the allegations against Wahlen indicate that Wahlen engaged in racially motivated actions*.”

      Not my Values.

      DIRECTLY FROM KURT WHALEN’s DEFENSE, (THIS IS HIS PLEA!) page 48: “And, even if these were predicate acts, there is no plausible scenario in which these actions, which occurred, at most, over six months, allege a “pattern of racketeering” against Whalen*.”

      Not in my Community.

      Not a Positive Image.

      No Tolerance for Ignorant Intolerance.

      Positively Mt. Pleasant!

      * From the defense used by Former City of Racine Police Chief Kurt Whalen in explaining why his actions should be dismissed in the RICO lawsuit filed against The City of Racine and others. Click on the document, Brief In Support Of Motion To Dismiss – page 48 Source:

      Racist “Lite” is NOT OK with me.

      Positively Mt. Pleasant means no tolerance of IGNORANT intolerance!

  1. Clearly, there is a growing problem at Mt. Pleasant Village Hall and with the Trustees.

    How can this Village Board be trusted with big things, when it isn’t even taking care of the small things? Why has the Village not yet updated the list of Village Trustees? It is now May 17.

    On May 15, I went to the Villages website to get the Trustee contact information, and discovered that Garski and Schulz are still listed, while McCluskey and Clausen are not. I sent an E-mail to Gleason, Havn, DeGroot, Hewitt and Feest asking that this be fixed. A small simple thing. Here it is the 17th. and I received NO acknowledgement and the problem is not fixed.

    In my letter I also wrote: “Next, I oppose any public library being built in Mt. Pleasant, or any second library in general. There is no demand for it, and the internet makes new facilities obsolete. With no organic need or demand for a second library – the community doesn’t need the extra expense.”

    For which I have received NO response. Not even a simple – got your E-mail.

    “Last, I want the Village Board to discuss the latest water utility rate increase by The City of Racine water utility and OPPOSE it. I want the Village Board to OFFICIALLY oppose it and also work with Sturtevant and Caledonia to oppose it. The City of Racine raised rates and is profiting handsomely from it – using it to fund projects outside of the water utility – and this is wrong. The reckless spending and borrowing habits of Racine is killing the economies of Racine County! Legislation is also needed to end the practice of allowing Racine to fund their local government operations, siphon money from, and issue water utility bonds for purposes OTHER than the water utility. Public comment at the PSC (public Service Commission) is open until October 31,2014, so there is time.”

    And… I received NO response or acknowledgement.

    NOW, I see in The JT an article about the RICO lawsuit that Village Administrator Kurt Whalen is involved in, and I see this on page 48:

    “At best, the allegations against Wahlen indicate that Wahlen engaged in racially motivated actions (though that, too, is tenuous). (See Compl., ¶¶21, 121, 124-25). However, such actions cannot constitute predicate acts under RICO. See, e.g., Jennings, 910 F.2d at 1438 (holding that violations of “civil rights and constitutional law” are not predicate acts under RICO); (see also supra, at Section II.A.1, collecting case law indicating that Liquor License Acts are not predicate acts). And, even if these were predicate acts, there is no plausible scenario in which these actions, which occurred, at most, over six months, allege a “pattern of racketeering” against Whalen. (See supra, at Section II.B.1, collecting case law indicating that the commission of a few predicate acts committed within a short period of time is not a “pattern of racketeering”).’

    That is a tacit admission and PRIMA FACIE EVIDENCE OF BEING, AT BEST, “RACIST LITE” and acting upon those beliefs to “predicate a few acts”, BUT not enough acts to be a Racketeer.

    Kurt Whalen MUST GO! His actions, as Chief of Police for Racine, ARE NOT TOLERABLE in this day and age, in particular since those acts were even condemned by The Appeals Court of Wisconsin!

    Thomas Holmes owner of Park 6 in Racine WI. after winning WI. State of Appeals decision, asks the City Council of Racine for this liquor license back.

    “Hello. My name is Thomas Holmes, the owner of Park 6. I’m here to request my license back. I want them back, because they were taken from me, where are my license? On October 10, 2012, The Wisconsin State Court of Appeals ruled that The City of Racine had no jurisdiction to proceed or start an action of due process against my license or business. They also said my rights were violated when you hired a prosecutor to represent then Chief of Police Kurt Whalen, by using taxpayer dollars. The Court even deemed Mr. Whalen to be “untrustworthy”. Why? Because as a citizen he had access to City and Police in house records.”

    A pattern of bad behavior and problem individuals at Mt. Pleasant Village Hall is being revealed. It is now time for the Village Trustees to begin the discussions of firing Kurt Whalen because of his intolerable racially motivated actions as Chief of Racine Police, which have disqualified him from holding public office, and Gleason needs to be reined in, while Trustees need to be open, transparent, and serve the Village, NOT themselves!

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