**This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Mary McIlvaine.
Responding to Dave Kristopeit’s November 11, 2016 letter to the editor in the Racine Journal Times, I wonder if Kristopeit also extends his vitriol of “Lock them up. Throw away the key.” to perpetrators of violence inspired by Trump’s campaign and election, or only reserves his disdain for those he believes to be Democrats or liberals?

At an October 20th Horlick-Muskego soccer game in Muskego before the election, students holding a large Trump banner harassed the Horlick team (which included Hispanics) by yelling racist comments. A lone adult, a Horlick parent, intervened between the harassers and the Horlick team.

Around the country, there were news reports of a black church being burned in an arson fire before the election with “Vote Trump” spray painted on it, a woman whose chest was grabbed after the election by a Trump supporter who felt he was entitled to assault her based on Trump’s stated attitude toward women, and increasing reports of racist comments directed at people of color since the election. This shows that incivilities are also perpetrated by some Trump supporters.

Hatred and unprovoked violence from any quarter is unacceptable. I hope Kristopeit agrees.