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**Editor’s Note: This Letter to the Editor was submitted by 15th District Alderman Edward Diehl.

My name is Edward Diehl and I am running for election for a second term as Racine’s 15th District Alderman. Aldermen in this city are non-partisan. In my time on the council it didn’t matter whether you were Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Martian – it matters that you care about people, it matters that you want to provide oversight of city finances and projects, and it matters that you have ideas. There are many examples of my commitment that I could talk about – not taking any donations and certainly not special interest money, answering every constituent request for help from loud music to sewer issues, advocacy for our most helpless brothers and sisters through the Hospitality Center and Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin.

There are many examples of my creativity that I could talk about – the emergency text message volunteer system I ideated after the tragic death of Rueben Santos, the addition of a risk analysis component to contractor bids in order to decrease the number of expensive change orders (being reviewed at the state level now), my Peripheral Enterprise Zone concept to add to the economic development power of TIF districts through expansion and attraction of additional small business (also being reviewed at the state level now). However, in this short editorial I have decided to talk about just one thing – an example of my dedication to people.

A few months ago I was very sick with a fever that felt like it was leaking out of my ears. I was stuck at home on the couch and unable to work. I am a member of the Public Safety & Licensing Committee and a meeting was approaching in which discussion of an operator’s license (bartending) was going to take place. The applicant had some problems in the past with alcohol related offenses and in light of this perhaps such a license was inappropriate. I put on approximately six layers of clothing, my hat, coat and gloves, and went to the meeting. My colleagues were surprised to see me there. When that item came up I noted that such a position might not be the best fit, however, there are not many jobs available in Racine and she had an opportunity at a bar, and that bar owner was present to advocate for her. I asked the applicant if she promised to value the license in every way and she said that she would. I then argued that the license should be granted and the overall recommendation of the committee was to approve. This was subsequently approved by the Common Council.

I believe in people and will always work to make sure that government serves people, not the other way around. I have always make my voice heard in service to the people and would like to continue as Alderman of Racine’s 15th District.

Edward Diehl