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Editor’s Note: This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Wayne Guillien

Caledonia’s Industrial Park located on Nicholson Road northeast of Franksville has seen some recent growth, with the expansion of the Unico facility, and is home to many local businesses. As a 25-year resident, I have to say the industrial park has been a good neighbor, save one issue.

The industrial park lacks adequate access. The park was to be serviced by the Lake Arterial road, a project dating back to mid-60s, and recently by the Hwy 38 re-route which also died. As “plan B,” the village has decided to improve Nicholson and Dunkelow Roads from the industrial park to Hwy K, pushing the truck traffic to Hwy K through residential/recreational areas. Not surprisingly, every neighbor I have contacted disapproves of this project due to safety conflict with the RASA soccer field traffic, not to mention the eminent domain threat from the village.

Setting aside neighborhood concerns, I am a proponent of intelligent development. Better alternatives have been submitted to the village, which provide access to the industrial park without passing through residential areas. These alternatives increase the value of the village by opening more industrial land, as opposed to decreasing the value of 30+ properties. One alternative follows the railway/power line corridor, south to connect with Hwy K near Jensen Metal and WE Energies and a second option routes traffic west from the northwest corner of the industrial park, again through farmlands. Please call your trustee and ask them to reconsider this project.

Wayne Guillien