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As the nation confronts some of the greatest challenges of our history, we need a leader in the White House who understands the experiences of folks in our community. Scranton, like Racine, is a midsize working class city that has seen hard times. This is also a place with hard working people who are always looking ahead to something better. This is the birthplace of Joe Biden, born into a working class family that, like far too many Americans, experienced economic hardship. It was through determination and love that Biden’s family raised a son that would one day become a compassionate champion for working people in the United States Senate and as Vice President.

Joe Biden finds inspiration in his middle class roots of Scranton, Claymont and Willmington. It is because of this inspiration that Joe Biden has always delivered for communities like our own here in Wisconsin. It was Vice President Biden who led the Recovery Act’s implementation that resulted in ending the Great Recession, which produced six straight years of economic growth across America. It was Vice President Biden who was instrumental in expanding access to affordable healthcare to over 24 million Americans who otherwise would have gone without the care they need. It was Joe Biden who, working hand in hand with some of America’s greatest manufacturers, saved auto-manufacturing in the United States bringing the industry’s employment to levels that surpassed pre-Great Recession numbers. 

Joe Biden has delivered for places like Racine before and he will deliver again. As the dual viruses of hate and COVID-19 spread across this nation, Joe Biden is the right person to unite our country and turn the page on this dark chapter in America’s story. Instead of tweeting, we will be beating this pandemic. Instead of concern with ratings, the Biden administration will be creating results. 

Vice President Biden is guided by compassion, character and common sense. Those traits of leadership are derived directly from his upbringing in and service to communities like Racine. 

It is because of the love of my hometown that I’m casting my ballot for Joe Biden for President of the United States.

By Trevor Jung
9th District Alderman 
City of Racine


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