**Editor’s Note: This letter to the editor was submitted by Sturtevant Trustee Chris Larsen.

I was glad to see that Rep. Weatherston and Rep. Vos worked to allow Gateway Technical College to open charter schools. I am glad to see that they support other options when it comes to educating our children. However, they passed a bill for something that Gateway does not want and is not going to use. Why would all that effort go into a bill that does nothing? They specifically singled out Gateway for this. This was not a statewide initiative for all Technical Colleges. If Gateway can get singled out, why can’t Racine County municipalities?

Why could not the same effort be used to advance the bill for municipalities to opt out of school districts by referendum? That bill would be used. That bill was asked for. That bill is needed. Why are charter schools on your agenda, but not local school districts? What changed? Why did your initial support waver? Vote it up or vote it down but the local control, local choice, and local voice school district bill deserves public hearings and a vote either way. To not allow the vote is doing a disservice to the constituents you represent, that have spoken at the ballet box. Rep. Wanggaard has a good bill on the Senate side. Let’s get it done.

Stop holding us back from being able to have our own choice on how our kids are educated. Stop hurting and start helping.

Chris Larsen
Village of Sturtevant Trustee