**Editor’s Note: This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Racine resident Anna Laing.

Why has so much hatred been unleashed in the United States?  Native Americans and Immigrants from around the world have been subjected to hatred and discrimination from the beginning of this nation.  Everyone in this country with the exception of Native Americans has descended from immigrants who came to America to escape oppression and to find freedom. 

Native Americans were displaced from their lands and killed so others could occupy their lands.  The Irish were told they need apply for jobs.  Italians were called WOPS which was a demeaning term. German people were called Krauts, and people from Poland were called Polocks.  During WW II the Japanese were interred in camps because people believed they would conspire with their native country to attack this country.  People of the Jewish faith have been faced with discrimination and hatred for their beliefs.

Today people from Mexico suffer hatred and discrimination because people perceive all of them as illegals who will take jobs from citizens.  African American men are being incarcerated at higher rates than any other group for even small violations of the law.  People from the Middle East and Africa who practice the Islamic faith are also greeted with hate because they are perceived as terrorists.

When does the hatred and discrimination stop?  When do we start treating all others with  respect and kindness?  Politicians have declared the United States as a Christian nation.  When do we start acting like it and live the principals of whatever faith we profess?  When do we stop discrediting all other religions and thinking they are invalid?  Each one of us needs to reassess how we treat people who are different from us and examine the meaning of the principles of a civil society.

Anna Laing
Racine, WI

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