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While my friends and I who vote third party, hold fast to our hopes of a better brand of American politics than that of our current corrupt two-party system, it is what it is, and the inevitable must be realized, that the continuation of false doctrines is cemented at this juncture; however, the Democrats and those who are seeking change from the current chaos should heed these words of caution.

Given his sporadic political history pertaining to the rights of Black people and criminal justice, I would suggest that the Democratic Party’s presumptive Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, in order to place or maybe even win, should take a closer look at his Black voting base and choose a Black female running mate. One that has connections too and an understanding of the needs of the disenfranchised Black community.

Taking the Black voting base for granted failed them last time around and it appears that they, the party, are going down that same road once again. For instance, although the convention will take place in Milwaukee, it must be remembered Milwaukee is a Democratic stronghold in Southeastern Wisconsin and it holds the unquestionable distinctions as being the nation’s number one worst city for Black residency and the foremost residentially segregated community in the country. Some are questioning if the Black population of Milwaukee’s inner-city will have a voice at the event. I am not referring to the Black elitists and elected officials of the Party because their inclusions are automatic; however, the Black marginalized are basically a forgotten element.

Biden and the Party has a great chance to capitalize by being more vocal and active on the ground in the current movement of Black lives Matter; however, it has yet to make a full commitment to the movement. The wearing of African garb and kneeling does not impress because we have done that for ages to no avail.

Could their reluctance to forego full investment in the movement be that the Party still feels some indebtedness to their centrist Southern benefactors and other moderates, and are afraid of losing, nationally, sought after white constituents that might not be so enamored with the BLM movement?

The participation of many white folks and others across the country is utterly amazing; however, signs, marching, chants, and general protest techniques are only signs of discontent and heartfelt emotions.

When the polished politicians, in the Democratic and Republican parties, begin to show a true profoundness of emotional concerns, then maybe the power elite, the larger than life money changers will understand the need to allow solid changes to the laws that hold back justice for Black people and in some instances, the white underclass.

All of this may sound irrelevant, but those that are seeking to change the system must remember the key of
Americanism is found in the influence of money, land, leading to profit in a supposed free market. They should expect, nothing more and nothing less, because “if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense”.