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**Editor’s Note: This letter to the editor was submitted by Racine resident Rebecca C. Sorenson.

Re-Elect Ed Diehl for 15th District Alderman on April 7, so he can continue to serve and represent Racine.

Dr. Diehl has used his professional knowledge and experience to illuminate opportunities for community improvements for the past two years. He has sought accountability for the use of public funds and resources with short and long term oversight as a true representative. Personally, Dr. Diehl has donated countless hours serving our most needy at the Hospitality Center and our most deserving through Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin.

He is a board member of the Racine Zoo, Racine Board of Health, and many others. Because he has answered every single email and phone call from constituents while serving on Racine’s Council, he understands our needs, and he knows the Belle City on the Lake’s potential. Dr. Edward Diehl offers improvements for Racine’s future.

Rebecca C. Sorenson

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