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**Editor’s Note: The letter to the editor was submitted by Hospitality Center volunteer Leif Peterson. The Hospitality Center met with city officials. An application to amend the Conditional Use Permit that reflects current experience was submitted to allow RACINE’S LARGEST MEAL PROGRAM to continue to feed all of our hungry friends. In a city with the states’s highest unemployment rate, we have a lot of hungry people. The Hospitality Center’s program has grown to meet the needs of those who are hungry, and in need of a friend. We are responding to what we believe by God we are called to do.
Our updated Conditional Use Permit has to be approved by the city for us to be able to continue feeding our hungry brothers and sisters. THERE ARE MANY OTHER MEAL PROGRAMS IN RACINE. HOW MANY OF THEM ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT TO OPERATE? WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW! Help the hungry! We hope you will speak and/or stand in support of the Hospitality Center (RACINE’S LARGEST MEAL PROGRAM) at City Hall on July 29th at 4:15 p.m. We also hope you will voice your support directly to the members of Racine’s Plan Commission. They need to hear your voices before the meeting, so they understand the will of the voting public. John Dickert – Mayor Melvin Hargrove zoeministries@sbcglobal.net Molly Hall mollyjjhall@sbcglobal.net Tony Veranth tonyracine1@gmail.com Tom Durkin durkin@beckerfrench.com Dennis Wiser Dennis.Wiser@cityofracine.org
Tom Durkin  durkin@beckerfrench.com
Vincent Esqueda esqueda65@yahoo.com Thank you for helping! Leif Peterson Elmwood Park

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