**This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Mount Pleasant resident Kelly Gallaher.

What in the world is Mt. Pleasant Trustee David DeGroot thinking? The opinion section of Sunday’s Journal Times features a letter by Mr. DeGroot in support of fellow trustees, Anna Marie Clausen and Rick McCluskey for the primary election on Tuesday, February 16th.

In his support of incumbents Clausen and McCluskey, he calls their challengers: angry, shrill, belligerent, abusive, and compares resident concerns to what usually gets flushed down the toilet.

“The benefits of water and sewer opening up new areas are many and obvious, not only to existing residents, but for future growth as well,” Trustee DeGroot’s letter reads. “So let’s re­elect Clausen and McCluskey Feb. 16 and April 5, and flush the Highway V­ gang and their crappy attitudes down the shiny new sewer heading their way.”

His words are beyond belief.

In this brief primary election period, Clausen and MCluskey’s challengers: John Martini and Jon Hansen for seat #6 and Terri isaacson, Ken Otwaska and Don Schulz for seat #2, have made the disrespect and lack of courtesy towards them and Mt. Pleasant residents who bring concerns to the board a central theme to their campaigns.

Trustee DeGroot, in his own words, makes everything they have said completely true and obvious to even the most casual reader.

Further, DeGroot nearly gloats in his relief that none of the challengers were appointed by the board to serve on village committees. Of course, they were not considered at all because DeGroot, Clausen, McCluskey, Havn and Hewitt would not provide a second motion so they could be discussed.

However, Anna Marie Clausen’s brother, Jim Kusters was appointed while other committees went without new appointments because the board refused to even consider them, ­an act of unprecedented disrespect to the newly elected president.

Knowing this, it is easy to see why these five people decided to run for village trustee, challenging the very people who ignored, disrespected and then disenfranchised them in their own community.

No further description of their experience is required after reading David DeGroot’s letter and his assessment of their qualifications. More importantly, his letter says volumes about DeGroot himself, which makes his endorsement of Clausen and McCluskey somewhat of liability for them, in my opinion.

Perhaps there are some people who will agree with David DeGroot and cheer his words as he represents his fellow trustees. On the other hand, as a resident and taxpayer in Mt. Pleasant, I am insulted and embarrassed for him and our village.

Judge for yourselves after you read Trustee DeGroot’s letter in its entirety. One day, you or your neighbors may have a concern to be taken before the board of trustees. Envision how you will be treated as you read his words and vote accordingly on Tuesday, February 16th.

Kelly Gallaher
Mount Pleasant