**Editor’s Note: This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Sam Wahlen, president of the Racine Taxpayers Association.

Dear City Council, Please Vote For the Proposed CVS Development

On Tuesday night, the City of Racine Alderpersons will have an opportunity to make a bold decision for the city of Racine. Either the city can continue to stagnant and watch another opportunity pass it by or it can make a change. With the highest unemployment rate in the state and a lack of foreseeable economic growth, the Racine Taxpayers Association believes that it is important that the City Council support the proposed development offered by CVS.

The CVS proposal is a win-win. By voting yes on the legislation, city alderpersons are voting for economic growth, the creation of jobs, and more tax revenue for the city. Since the beginning of The Great Recession, the City of Racine has struggled to create jobs and lower its crippling unemployment. It is the belief of the RTA that projects like CVS would be very beneficial to the citizens of the city, as well as, serve as a catalyst for further growth and development.

Economic growth breeds further economic growth. Other businesses will look at this decision and judge whether or not they should invest in the city based upon the council’s choice. If the council opposes the development, other businesses will avoid the city believing that the red tape is not worth working through. However, if the council votes to support CVS and its construction in West Racine, then other developers will know that Racine is open for business and willing to cooperate and support their investment.

That is why the Racine Taxpayers Association endorses the proposed CVS development and urges the City Council to vote yes. When discussing the issue at our last board meeting, one member framed it perfectly: “The question is not if we should support the CVS proposal, the real question is can Racine afford not to support the deal?”

Samuel C. Wahlen
President, Racine Taxpayers Association