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Although I agree that some officers of the Racine Police Department undoubtedly need to undergo resocialization training as it pertains to their dealings with the city’s Black population, I think it is imperative that the training is facilitated by local specialists. Let me be clear from the start, this applies to officers of all races in the department.

In my opinion, having an outside agency, overseeing the revamping and psychological reformation of local law enforcement’s attitudes toward the Black residents would not only be a mistake, it would probably be a waste of money.

My reasons are as follows.

First, an institutional cultural change of this magnitude is not a phenomenon that usually happens in the short term, in fact, the culture of police work is a long-standing collective of psychological military-style training techniques that emphasizes, “us against them”, like in war. So, unless we are going to do, the impossible, and fire all the current police personnel and start over with employees that have been vetted to adhere to upgraded professional law enforcement standards, the situation shall stand static, and null and void.

Secondly, Racine is the second-worst city in the United States for Black residency and has a long-standing history of accepting and condoning the racist and murderous attitudes of law enforcement.

To compound the above-mentioned issue, Racine is also infected with a corrupt judicial system that fails to prosecute police when they are clearly guilty of murder; therefore, giving them a pathway to ignore the civil rights of the Black population.

For many of the Black people that have a history of longevity and stability in Racine, this is, and has been, the normal culture of “The City by The Lake”.

The above-mentioned facts, coupled with the knowledge that these types of training are hardly ever successful, even in the long term, indicates that the city’s problems are to critical to be pawned off to an unknown entity that does not have firsthand knowledge of the historically ingrained institutional racist nature that contaminates our community.

Therefore, our issues with the RPD cannot be addressed as if they are duplication’s of the assumed generalities that theoretically exist in every Black community, because, as the old adage, they all look alike, all Blacks are looked upon as having a collective mindset. It is a fact that police in America use the same techniques on the aggerate of the nation’s Black populations.

Also, not all Black communities across America, are of a uniform collective mentality. Contrary to the perception of mainstream society, most times they have mini-sub-cultural societies existing within their Inner-city localities whose populations react differently to the effects of localized racial discrimination.

However, many police departments continue to approach these micro-cultures within the areas of Black confinement as if they will react to the authority of law enforcement from a collective characteristic, therefore this model leads to cross-cultural and racial difficulties, sometimes leading to the slaughter of innocent unarmed Black individuals.

I believe if the expectation is that the training of our local law enforcement is to be of the utmost effectiveness, it is imperative that Racine’s Common-Council vote to utilize instructors from within the professional community of our city.

This consideration will, at least give both local law enforcement and Racine’s Black community a chance to try and reconcile differences from an intercity perspective, and maybe save lives at the same time.


Your contribution is appreciated.