Open Letter to Paul Ryan: Your Country Needs You

There is a lack of leadership in Congress right now. While America is growing frustrated with the conflict in Washington, they are looking for someone to step up and give this country a positive vision. In the last six years our country has become more divided, the federal budget is out of control, and the public has lost faith that our leaders have a plan to make America great. We need you to become that leader Mr. Ryan.

When I became Chairman of the Racine County Republican Party, you called me and gave me some advice. You told me that we need leaders in the party that are able to build relationships, have a positive attitude, and do what is best for the county and the party, even if it is not in my best interest. With Majority Leader McCarthy stepping down in the race to become Speaker, there is no one else but you that can step up and serve our country. You are the best example in the Republican Party of a leader that can unite the country, portray a positive vision of our values and positions, and negotiate with members in the other party in order to implement lasting reform.

I understand that you enjoy your position as committee chair and are concerned that being Speaker of the House would impact your family, but I urge to you to consider running for the top position in Congress. If you decide not to run because of your family, we will respect your decision and continue to support you. However, you are the only individual in Congress that has the ability to lead the entire caucus and negotiate with the President to pass critically important reform in areas of budgeting and entitlements, combating poverty, growing our economy, and protecting our allies and national security interests overseas. Thank you for all that you have done and given to our district and to the country,

Sam Wahlen
Chairman of the Racine County Republican Party

**Editor’s Note: This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Sam Wahlen, Chair of the Racine County Republican Party