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Bryn Biemeck

**Editor’s Note: This Letter to the Editor was submitted by Sam Wahlen, president of the Racine Taxpayers Association.

Our Schools need change!

Despite the fact that our school district is continuing to fall behind in the quality of education that we provide to our students, Racine Unified School District resists the need to make bold change. They continue to increase our taxes, spend money on pet projects, and avoid making tough choices on reform. Of the five candidates, four have the same platform. Four want to continue to raise taxes and continue the direction that our schools our going.

Unfortunately, as School Digger noted in their recent study, RUSD ranks 389th out of 427 districts in the state. We cannot afford going down that path. That is why I am supporting Bryn Biemeck for School Board. Not only is she a fresh approach, she is a third generation educator. Furthermore, she understands the need for reform and making tough choices.

She believes that we need to increase the quality of schools through reform, reduce the cost burden that our schools of having on families and taxpayers, and rebuild communication between our schools and parents.  Bryn is a passionate, relatable, and energetic individual that will bring back innovative thinking to the board.

I once heard a friend describe her campaign as ‘pro-teachers, pro-parents, and-pro-taxpayers’ and I think that is a very accurate portrayal of her. We need change and we need Bryn Biemeck on our School Board.

Sam Wahlen
Racine Taxpayers Association