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Forgetting Our Value

I admittedly spend a lot of time online, in chat groups for dating, looking online for connections for my clients, and searching for the elusive unicorn in a sea of fish-catching bachelors. Apparently the fishing hobby isn’t limited to just men; there are plenty of fishing gals online as well. Am I missing out by […]

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What Makes a Great Date?

Dating in the Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin area has to be one of the most fun places to date, considering the number of choices (especially during the summer!) we have at our disposal. Examples-The lake, all the festivals, the Kettle Moraine for hiking, Lake Country for boating, the proximity to Chicago and the great theatre […]

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That Rare Feeling of Euphoria

I recently met someone who totally Gobsmacked me. I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t “made up” and wearing something that I thought would “be attractive.” In fact. I was wearing a red vest with a tag on it that said “Info.” I was at the Lakefront Festival of the Arts and volunteering my […]

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The “I Should” Syndrome

Have you ever met someone who is all the things you have on your “must have” list but you have no chemistry or spark with? Are you beating yourself up, trying to convince yourself that you “should” like this person, because they tick all of your boxes, yet, there is something missing? Join the club. […]

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The Laws of Chemistry

Chemistry. No one can predict it and no one can explain when it happens-but WHEN it happens…it’s heady. Magical. Powerful. Is it truly chemical-your bodies reaction to a hormonal high-purely sexual or, is it imagined? How do you explain it? It’s beyond body language, but that is a tremendous part of it. It’s clearly the […]