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16th and Ohio light control box

A weekend accident that injured a Racine man also left the intersection of 16th Street and Lathrop Avenue without traffic signals.

The man suffered non-life threatening injuries, but the light control box at the intersection was damaged beyond repair.

Because the control boxes are custom-built for specific intersections, a new one has to be built before the lights will be back up and working.

The man told Racine County Eye he was headed south on Lathrop and had a flashing yellow light so he slowed down. He noticed a car traveling east on 16th Street at a high rate of speed, but the man said he couldn’t avoid a collision so he “slammed on the brakes” and hoped for the best.

“(The other) car spun around and hit a car heading west on 16th that was stopped at the red light,” the ma said. “That car fled and we ended up on the southeast corner of 16th and Lathrop. Police arrived less than a minute later.”

A similar incident last December took out the light control box at Washington Avenue and Ohio Street. Traffic signals there were out for more than a week until crews could install a new box.

Racine County Eye has messages into Racine police to confirm the details of the accident, and we will update this story when we hear from them.