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Sturtevant trustees Tuesday talked about changes at North Park that would make it more usable and more user friendly.

The park, located between 94th and 95th Streets and Corliss and Michigan, has playground equipment, a shelter, and a basketball court. North Park also hosts tennis courts, but the access gate remains locked and weeds are growing through cracks in the surface from lack of use.

Board member Daryl Lynaugh chairs the committee under which parks fall, and he brought up the idea during the standing committee meeting.

Some of the ideas tossed around included tearing out the tennis courts and replacing it with a gazebo that could potentially host free concerts during the summer, flooding an area of the park for a second ice rink during the winter (South Park on Hulda is also home to a winter ice rink), and hosting a variety of community events like a traveling beer garden.

“It’s time to start talking about these ideas because parks are good investment in the community,” said Village President Steve Jansen. “This is part of why we’re doing the referendum.”

Sturtevant police Chief Sean Marschke said improving the park and increasing use by residents and visitors would cut down on the number of times his officers have to check for troublemakers.

“With no one using the park, we spend a considerable amount of time chasing out bad elements,” he confirmed.

Improving North Park – and other village parks – will remain on the committee agenda for the next several weeks.

“We’ll just keep it on the agenda to keep talking and tossing around ideas,” Lynaugh said.