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Cops ‘N Kids Reading Center

Cops ‘N Kids Reading Center encourages children to find a love for reading. The primary objective of Cops ‘N Kids is to improve the reading skills of children by introducing them to the adventure and creativity that is received from reading.

At Cops ‘N Kids, retired Racine Unified School District teachers and volunteers assist students between 3 years old and 6th grade in improving their reading and writing skills. Volunteers from different community organizations, including the Racine Art Guild, help to support their mission. Various members of the Racine community also help at Cops ‘N Kids.

As the name indicates, the Racine Police Department has a presence at Cops ‘N Kids as well. They spend their time reading, interacting, playing, and answering questions children may have. By doing so, they are strengthening relationships between police and residents within the community. This fundamental element of the program extends from when the founder, Julia M. Witherspoon, established a connection with the community when she was an officer for the Racine Police Department.

Witherspoon says, “if you see a child without a book, give them one of yours.”

Cops ‘N Kids offers extended learning outside of the traditional school classroom at no cost to participants. Students involved at Cops ‘N Kids must be enrolled in an extended learning program. Once they are, students are eligible to receive free tutoring. Tutors meet one-on-one with students to receive additional help.

How can you help Cops ‘N Kids?

At this time, Cops ‘N Kids are in need of volunteers, especially those who are bilingual. These volunteers can work as classroom helpers or tutors. Anyone interested in becoming a tutor may contact Cops ‘N Kids at (262) 632-1606 or contact the Tutor Coordinator: Cynthy McCrory at (262) 497-4751 or email her at

Persons interested in tutoring must be at least 18, fill out an application and undergo a background check. Once the application is approved, a child will be matched with the tutor and a schedule developed. The pair will meet once a week and follow the vacation schedule of Racine Unified School District. Tutoring is not scheduled in the summer.

Donations are accepted at Cops ‘N Kids on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between noon and 2 p.m. at 800 Villa St, Racine, WI 53403. New/used books and school supplies are kindly accepted. Books should be between 3- and 12-year-old reading levels.

Likewise, there are other various opportunities to volunteer and donate. This includes donating to the Cops ‘N Kids Reading center through

Visit their website to find out more about volunteering and donating.