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Faith Hope & Love (FHL) supports children in crisis. This includes children in foster care, victims of domestic abuse, within homeless shelters and those in hospitals. To provide needed items through other venues, they have established a relationship in the schools as well as with first responders who are coming into contact with children in crisis. By end of 2021, Faith Hope & Love will be making an impact in 25 counties throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.

“Faith Hope & Love is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that relies on donations in order to support children in crisis through our programs. We rely heavily on the support of individuals and companies like you; with a heart for children. We hope you will partner with us in building Faith Hope & Love in the lives of children in crisis and enjoy some of our fun events; while raising money and awareness for foster children and children in crisis throughout Racine and Kenosha Counties. Thank you for your support in Faith Hope & Love.” – Heather & Mark Lojeski, Executive Directors of Faith Hope & Love

The reason behind Faith Hope & Love

Helping kids in crisis is personal for Mark and Heather Lojeski, who founded FHL in 2014. Heather grew up in an abusive family environment. She watched her sister go through prison and drug rehabilitation centers, and believes that if something like their organization had been available, life could have been so different for them. She has made it her mission to provide the support that she and her family never received.

Programs Available

Faith Hope & Love has six different programs which serve children in crisis.

  1. Duffels for Kids: In 2013 they learned that children entering the foster care system were often given only 5 minutes to gather their things and a black trash bag to collect them into. Their hearts broke over this news and they began supplying a brand new duffel bag with personal care and comfort items for these children.
  2. Sensory Bags for Kids: A social worker felt strongly that a sensory bag is a critical missing link in the tools needed to assist children on the Autism Spectrum who are in crisis and contacted FHL, who began building those as well.
  3. Operation Christmas Cheer: FHL partners with the community to bring Christmas Cheer to children in Foster-Kinship Care, Group Homes, and homes where a parent is incarcerated. They hold an event where each child receives pajamas, socks, and a Christmas gift, in addition to face painting, crafts, games, Christmas music, pizza, and cookie decorating. These items are all donated by generous community members.
  4. New Beginnings Bags: These bags, provided to local hospitals and law enforcement agencies, provide the necessities for the first 48 hours after a child has been recovered from human trafficking and/or sexual assault. Each bag provides a fleece blanket, sweat pants, t-shirt, undergarments, socks, flip flops, hygiene items, flashlight, gift card for food, adult coloring book and colored pencils.
  5. BlastPacks: “Have a blast with law enforcement.” These are for children to use while visiting a parent in jail. Children sometimes wait up to two hours to see their parents. These packs help them pass the time, as well as connect with personnel who look after their parents. (Due to COVID-19, this is the 2nd year this program has been on hold.)
  6. Back to School Giveaway: A backpack filled with school supplies is given to children who are homeless or in foster care throughout Racine and Kenosha Counties. The program provides these children with exactly what they need to take on the school year with confidence.

Faith Hope & Love Wishlist

There are three items at the top of Heather’s wish list for FHL. Children’s coloring books (they have plenty of adult ones), handheld flashlights and hairbrushes. Fourth on the list is books for children from infants (board books) through teenage years.

Faith Hope & Love has an Amazon wishlist, which can be accessed by clicking here.

If you would like to donate monetarily, visit their website’s donation page.