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Fight to End Exploitation helps victims and survivors of human trafficking through crisis response advocacy and referral advocacy. They also provide human trafficking prevention education to the community of Racine and surrounding counties. 

This organization helps by directly working to end human trafficking and exploitation that happens every day, right here in Racine. When looking at the scope of the issue, trafficking and exploitation are embedded into our lives often more than we realize. Where is the produce coming from that we are purchasing at the Farmer’s Market? Who is behind the scenes, washing the dishes or taking out the trash, at the restaurants where we eat? Why are there young people hanging around that truck stop during certain times?

While not every instance is the result of human trafficking, we never know which ones are. Because this issue impacts us on so many levels, it is everyone’s responsibility to do something about it. Most importantly, this means that everyone has an obligation to become educated about human trafficking so it can be recognized and reported. 

How do you help?

Fight to End Exploitation addresses the issue of human trafficking in two main ways. The first is through prevention education, as awareness is the key to unlocking the tools for recognition and understanding. This is achieved through Human Trafficking Basics and Human Trafficking Advanced workshops and a soon-to-be multitude of webinars and short videos that will be accessible on their website for independent learning.

Advocacy programs make up the second part of addressing human trafficking. These programs provide support for victims and survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. A collaborative team of advocates works to help those impacted by trafficking and exploitation to receive much-needed individualized care and services.

In addition, they have programs such as the Southeast Wisconsin Regional Resource Network. This collaborative program, hosted by Fight to End Exploitation, closes the gap for the need for personal and basic care items. The SE WI Regional Resource Network provides hygiene and self-care items, clothing, seasonal items such as winter gear, and necessary gift cards to those impacted by trafficking and exploitation. By providing care items, vulnerabilities that traffickers prey upon are reduced and victims exiting the life of trafficking are given the care items they often do not have access to while actively being trafficked. 

What do you need?

They recently moved their office back to one of the COP houses in Racine and are collecting items to put in the Little Free Libraries that are in front of the houses. You can find requested items on their Amazon Wishlist. People can also help keep the SE WI Regional Resource Network stocked. You can find those requested items on their Amazon Wishlist

Donors are able to make one-time gifts or become monthly donors to Fight to End Exploitation. Monthly donors are a growing community of allies who are pursuing hope and mobilizing prevention education and restorative justice. This helps further their mission of awareness and prevention, continue to provide trauma-informed training to multidisciplinary professionals, and advocate for individuals affected by human trafficking.  

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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