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Focus on Community is a nonprofit organization that teaches important life skills to youth and families in Racine County. They do this by providing tools to help set people up for success through programming, coaching and mentorship. Additionally, they are Racine’s primary substance abuse prevention agency. Focus on Community works to inspire healthy choices too.


Focus on Community offers a variety of programs including:

  • Advancing Family Assets
    • ​The Advancing Family Assets (AFA) program serves families with minor children in the 53403 or 53405 zip codes who are looking to advance in areas of income, education, and health.
  • Family Game Nights
    • Family Game Nights are held once a month at varying school locations in Racine and include a family meal.Each family in attendance will be given a new game to play each month that they can take home with them. 
  • F.A.S.T
    • ​Families And Schools Together (FAST) is an innovative and collaborative prevention and parent-involvement program where families gather to participate in fun, research-based activities aimed at strengthening families and empowering parents. 
  • LifeSkills
    • The Botvin LifeSkills program serves as an in-house drug prevention training for our local 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students.
  • Partners2
    • The mission of Partners2 is to network parents, students, schools, and our community to promote positive cultural change and healthy choices, with an emphasis on preventing alcohol, tobacco, and drug use by our youth. Serving the Burlington area, Partners2 combines the efforts of parents, students, schools and communities to empower our youth to discover a healthy way of living.
  • Teen Peers
    • The Teen Peer Program educates high school age youth in our community about the dangers of substance abuse and encourages them to make healthy lifestyle choices through skill development. Teen Peers can volunteer in any of Focus’ programs, events, or community fundraisers.

Additionally, they provide resources like prevention tools, resources, and by partnering with different agencies in Racine.


Volunteer at Focus on Community. Apply on the website here. Donate your time to help improve the community.

In addition, Focus on Community is in need of donations. They are currently running a toy drive. They are looking for new children’s toys for their clients.

Text or Call 262-221-5552 to get involved or donate on Paypal.

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