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The Racine Public Library’s goal is to share literacy – in every way – with the entire community. It is their belief that free, accessible services such as education, technology and support should be available to all.

Meeting people’s needs where and when they are needed is crucial to serving a diverse community such as Racine. By working with a combination of physical, virtual and mobile services, the Racine Public Library is able to provide the activities and resources within the Racine community – when, how and where they are needed.

Racine Public Library

They offer resources to support myriad people’s needs, such as: community members who are going through life’s challenges, students studying for tests, researchers seeking access to obscure materials, those who need a warm and quiet place to spend time, people looking for tools they don’t have the space or finances to own themselves, and folks who want to read or spend time with others but can’t make it to the library.

This Giving Tuesday the Racine Public Library is in need of:

  • Volunteers on a variety of levels of commitment
    • Those interested board leadership roles will help exchange ideas with other local organizations
  • Funds
    • To continue guiding the ongoing work of the Racine Public Library
    • To help make services increasingly accessible and relevant to all

To learn more about how you can help, contact Executive Director Angela Zimmermann at

Currently, there are two major projects on the horizon for the Racine Public Library:
1. The new Techmobile will launch in 2022. This hybrid book & techmobile will primarily focus on technology while having traditional Bookmobile items as well. It will carry 3D printers, robotics, laptops and other items needed for technology fluency and digital literacy classes for all ages and abilities, after-school STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) classes and non-traditional tech such as metal detectors, gaming consoles and DVD players. The expandable vehicle is also a wifi hotspot. As of right now, the library is at 75% of its goal for populating the Techmobile’s collection.
2. The second floor of the library is also slated for renovation. It will be transformed into a community resource center, which also takes a significant amount of money.

Donations will help fund these projects.

How to Donate to the Racine Public Library

  • Sign up to be a member of the Friends of the Library by emailing
    • Annual membership starts at $10 for an individual or $15 for a family
  • Donations can be made through the Racine Public Library Foundation
    • Checks can be mailed to:
      Racine Public Library Foundation
      75 Seventh Street
      Racine, WI 53403
    • Online donations can be made through the RPL Foundation by clicking the button below:

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Your contribution is appreciated.