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Social on Sixth is a boutique, historic micro venue with character, and yet a blank canvas ready for an experience that guests will love.

About us


Whether it’s a few hours or all day, Social on Sixth is the perfect venue to host your corporate or organization’s meetings.

Walk-in to tunes that will fire up your team, as well as freshly baked scones (of course clotted cream), fruit, juices, coffee and tea.

Electrical accommodations on your table, full AV, wifi and refreshed ice cold tap water keep the momentum going while you engage your team.

Box lunches from locally-owned vendors make your working lunch seamless and satisfying!

Add a fresh popcorn afternoon break, and an option to debrief immediately following with a beer or wine and call it a successful, productive day. Let Sōsh cover the details of keeping your team full, comfortable and at the ready to accomplish the task at hand.

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