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Varitay Studios, a photography and video studio, is the life’s work of owner and founder, Camela Langendorf.

Starting out her work life in the field of physical therapy for 12 years, she gradually transitioned from healthcare into portrait photography, studio ownership and now loves the reward and challenge of small business management. For over 15 years the business has evolved and grown with Camela in her own roles as a woman, a business owner, a creative, a mother, a partner and a friend.  

Her passion began with simple portrait work and over the years has evolved into two focuses. One is contemporary portraiture, work that not only captures an exceptional image but also allows for a transformation. The courage to sit for a simple image can powerfully shift one’s own self-concept. The other focus is working with fellow small business owners.

Using the medium of creative photography and video, it is exciting, rewarding and fun work helping small business owners reveal the passion, personality, and culture to their customers and target clientele while also honoring the history, story, and legend behind their service or business.  

410 Main St.
Racine, WI 53403
United States