You’ll be amazed – and entertained – at The Magic Variety Show 2016 coming Saturday, Dec. 17 to the Gifford School Auditorium, 8332 Northwestern Ave., Franksville. Show time is at 3 p.m.
This family show is led by Timothy Tegge, a talented magician who can make handkerchiefs fly, playing cards appear and a pretty girl vanish into thin air. He’ll even get a few kids in on the magic.

Master juggler Hector Fries from Mexico City will quickly manipulate everything from soccer balls to ping pong balls. The beautiful Miss Scarlett will demonstrate incredible balance and equilibrium by firing a bow and arrow upside down! Later in the show, she’ll spin 15 hula hoops at once.

The Wisconsin Jaycees present The Magic Variety Show. Tickets at the door are $14 for adults; $12 for kids (age 14 and younger).
Free kids’ tickets are now available at these Franksville businesses: Beauty Shack, Franksville Oil & LP Gas, Franksville Bank of Liquor, Klema Feeds, Joey’s West and The Meadows Family Restaurant.

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