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Sturtevant police say a 19-year-old Milwaukee man was part of a trio who broke into a home in 2013 to steal money, then raped and sodomized a woman.

Omar Aldape will have his initial appearance Wednesday in Racine County Circuit Court to face charges of 1st degree sexual assault; armed burglary, party to a crime; and armed robbery with use of force as a party to a crime. All three are felonies, and if convicted, he faces up to 115 years in prison and/or up to $150,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint, Sturtevant police were called to a home Nov. 20, 2013 for a report of a home invasion. While officers were en route, dispatch advised that three males wearing masks and brandishing a silver handgun broke into the home and covered a man and a woman’s heads with clothes. They took the man to area ATM machines to get cash and sexually assaulted the woman.

Officers say the couple told them they were watching TV when the men broke into their home and demanded money. The man told them he didn’t have any money and when asked for the location of his wallet, directed the intruders to the couple’s bedroom. One of the men said, “I’m not going back to Chicago without any money.”

Two of the suspects then tied the man’s hands and walked him to the garage to get the couple’s car because it was “nicer,” the complaint reads. The two suspects drove the man to two different ATM machines to withdraw a total of $580.00 while the third man stayed at the house with the woman.

Police say the third man – identified as Aldape through DNA on file at the state crime lab – removed the clothes from the woman’s head, forced her to perform oral sex on him and then sodomized her while he slammed her face into the floor. Samples collected at the time of the assault at first did not come back with a match, but later testing determined that Aldape was the suspect in this case.

According to the criminal complaint, the man returned to his home with the two suspects. The man told police the third man, Aldape, was not wearing his mask any more and described him as a light-skinned Hispanic male. He asked the man how to wire the speakers, but the man didn’t know how. Both the man and the woman were told to sit, and clothes were put over their heads again. After the suspects left, the couple waited a few minutes before removing the clothing from their heads and calling police.

Aldape was taken into custody Nov. 18, 2014, and DNA samples were obtained. When officers interviewed him, he denied ever being in Sturtevant in his life. Police say they confronted him with the DNA evidence, and he responded that was “unfortunate” and that he “had Jesus on his side.”

The defendant has a case pending in Milwaukee County Circuit Court on charges of possession of a firearm by a felon. He will be transported from the Milwaukee County Jail to Racine to face the charges against him.

Aldape will make his initial appearance Wednesday before Court Commissioner Alice Rudebusch.