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Delvin HoardA Racine man was charged after he was involved in a shootout that lasted for several blocks and ended in a crash and two people being taken to the hospital.

Delvin Hoard, 20, was charged by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office on Thursday with three counts of first degree recklessly endangering safety, use of a dangerous weapon and carrying a concealed weapon. If convicted, Hoard face up to 53 years six months in prison and/or fined up to $85,000.

Hoard is being held on a $75,000 cash bond.

Racine Police found a silver Buick riddled with bullet holes crashed into the RG Natural Babies store front, a SUV on fire after it crashed into the corner of a building at 5th and Main St., and shell casings on the street on Feb. 6. People also reported hearing the sound of gunshots on Main and 8th streets just before the crash.

According to the criminal complaint, investigators from the Racine Police Department brought Hoard in for questioning on Tuesday. During an interview that lasted over three hours, Hoard told police he was a passenger in the silver Buick along with the driver and two other males. The four of them went to a bar then to Popeye’s restaurant at 9th St. and Washington Ave. On the way, the driver of the car gave Hoard a .380 caliber gun and told him that he “did not have to use it, but if someone tried to do something to them it was a viable option.”

At Popeyes, the car got caught in traffic after a white SUV pinned them in and the driver of the Buick and the SUV started arguing. Hoard told police he knew the street names of the three men. While the two argued someone inside the SUV fired two shots at the Buick. The driver got away, but the SUV started to chase it and continued to fire eight or nine rounds at the Buick as they traveled down 10th and Main streets. The passengers in both cars continued to exchange gunfire.

Hoard told police he “fired the gun four times out of the sunroof in trying to get the white SUV” to stand down.

A preliminary hearing has been set for 9 a.m. March 10 in front of Racine County Court Commissioner Alice Rudebusch.

Lt. Al Days, of the Racine Police Department, said several other men are still being sought in

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