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William Lockhart is accused of 2nd Degree intentional homicide.Charges were filed against a man accused of shooting another man that he blamed for his cousin’s death in September.

William Lockhart, 34, of Racine, was charged by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office with attempted second-degree intentional homicide. If convicted, Lockhart faces up to 30 years in prison.

His first appearance was set for Tuesday, but it was rescheduled until Wednesday, according to court records.

According to the criminal complaint, Lockhart is accused of shooting Darnell Barker, 47, of Racine at 11:11 a.m. Sunday on the corner of 6th and Jones streets as a retaliation over Barker getting into an argument with Lockhart’s cousin. In that case, Lockhart’s relative and Barker had gotten into an argument and the man fell off the porch injuring his head and neck. The man later died in a nursing home from the injuries.

When Lockhart was out walking his dog on the corner of Sixth and Jones streets, Barker asked Lockhart if he knew how his car had gotten damaged the day before. Barker crossed the street to confront Lockhart. Just then a woman who knew the men pulled her car over to where the two were. Two other people were sitting on a porch also began walking towards the two men.

Lockhart pulled out a revolver and shot Barker in the chest. Running back to his home on West 6th St., Lockhart left his dog behind as he got into another car. The woman who had pulled up side the men then followed the car Lockhart was in and she called the police, who found Lockhart near State St. and Memorial Drive.

When Racine Police interviewed Lockhart he admitted to being distraught about losing his cousin and told them that he was there when his cousin and Barker argued. He explained to police that he believes Barker and his friends jumped his cousin and that they caused his cousin’s death.

Barker, who said he was defending himself, was charged with substantial battery in September. While still alive, Lockhart’s cousin told police that he and Barker were friends and had drunk together. They got into an argument that escalated, and Barker started punching the man who then fell over the porch railing to the ground below, a distance of about seven feet.

After the shooting, Lockhart denied that a confrontation had occurred between him and Barker. But then told police it was Barker that was “trying to start things with him” and he was only out walking his dog. He told his girlfriend, the woman who pulled up to block him, and the two people who began walking toward him to stay back because he felt like was going to be assaulted and that he shot Lockhart in self-defense.

In a separate case, Lockhart was convicted in 2004 for second degree intentional homicide and released from prison in 2014.





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