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A Milwaukee man causing problems at the Rochester Burger King has found himself in significant trouble.

Tyson Ballos, 35, was asking people for money, according to the criminal complaint filed in Racine County Circuit Court. He was having a hard time standing and difficulty ordering his food. An assistant manager said he was demanding pie from workers even though he had no money to pay for it.

A deputy found Ballos driving a short distance away from the Burger King, and saw him veering over the center line. The deputy stopped him, and said he gave a false name and birth date. The deputy said Ballos staggered when he walked and had uncontrollable body tremors.

He said he had taken a narcotic painkiller earlier in the day, though he did not have a prescription for it. The deputy also found used hypodermic needles in the vehicle.

He was taken to the hospital for a forced blood draw.

Ballos has been charged with drunken driving fifth offense, driving with a revoked license, identity theft, obstructing an officer and possession of a controlled substance.