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**Editors note: This story was contributed by Janine Anderson.
A Milwaukee woman is accused of smuggling marijuana into an inmate at the Racine County Jail over the weekend.
Denielle Douglas, 32, is charged with delivering illegal articles to an inmate and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.
According to the criminal complaint, she went to the jail on Sunday to cut an inmate’s hair. After the haircut was over, jail staff searched the inmate, and found a large bulge in his sock.
Inside the sock, staff reported finding cigarettes, which are contraband within the jail, and during a thorough search, found he had also hidden a bag of marijuana on his body.
When deputies talked with Douglas, she reportedly admitted bringing the cigarettes and marijuana into the jail. She admitted giving him the cigarettes, but said the inmate must have taken the marijuana out of her hair clipper bag.
She is in custody on a $500 cash bond, with a preliminary hearing set for Oct. 27.