Mount Pleasant resident John Martini announced Thursday that he is running as a write-in candidate against

John Martini

Mark Gleason for Gleason’s 13th district county board seat.

Gleason was the only candidate to return nomination papers for his seat, and he did not have a challenger until Martini came forward. Martini is a Highway V resident who was eliminated during the February primary from the Mount Pleasant village board race.

In his announcement, Martini lists the reasons he’s running a write-in campaign, two of which are echoes of his run for the village board:

  • The amended sewer/water contract with Caledonia that added a gravity sewer that means assessments in the tens of thousands of dollars for many residents living on Highway V
  • The creation of a six-month severance package for department heads dismissed for any reason beyond just cause

“This shameful failure to meet the most basic responsibility as a resident and his reckless behavior as an elected official should disqualify him from public office. I am compelled to run as a write­in candidate because Mark Gleason is currently running for re­election with no opponent. I want to offer voters a choice on April 5th,” Martini’s announcement reads.

Mark Gleason

When Racine County Eye reached Mark Gleason about Martini’s write-in campaign, he chuckled in surprise and then said he had no comment.

“I have no comment,” he sighed. “It’s just more of the same going on out there.”

Martini plans to submit his official candidacy forms to the Racine County Clerk on Monday.