Local Attorney Rebecca Mason is the City of Racine’s newest municipal judge. She will take the bench in place of Mark Nielsen now that he’s been elected the Racine County Circuit Court.

She announced her candidacy last month.

The field of six – Mason, John Buchaklian, Sally Hoelzel, Lori Kuehn, Maureen Morris Martinez, and Robert Weber – appeared first before the council during a Committee of the Whole meeting and then again before the Common Council during a special meeting scheduled at 7:30 p.m.

After the first vote, the council was split 7 votes each for Mason and Weber. A second vote yielded an 8-7 vote in favor of Mason.

Nielsen will take his county bench seat in August, and Mason is expected to take her municipal seat in July.

Because the position is part-time, Mason plans to continue her practice where she specializes in estate planning, public records and open meetings law, civil litigation, and advising small businesses and nonprofit corporations.

Her annual salary as a municipal judge is $50,251.