Zorro might be a member of the smallest fox family in the world, but he’s sure to win big in Racine. He recently joined fellow fox Sahara at the Racine Zoo where he’s expected to settle in nicely.

Fennec foxes only weigh up to three pounds at full maturity and are noticeable because of their large ears. They live in the Sahara Desert and the lands of Northern Sinai on the African continent. Their thick fur protects them during the cold nights and their ears act as cooling mechanisms and regulating their body temperature. Fennec foxes are nocturnal so they typically hunt at night and stay in the cool of their dens during the day.

“We’re so excited to welcome such a wonderful little animal to our Zoo family and to the community,” said Zoo Executive Director Beth Heidorn in a written release. “He’ll make an excellent companion to Sahara and guests will enjoy seeing them both on exhibit next summer.”