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Megan Bahr was named Gateway Technical College’s newest District Campus Ambassador and will now be the student voice of the college to communities in Kenosha County, Racine County, and Walworth County as well as at speaking engagements during public events held by the college each year.

Bahr was initially selected as Racine Campus Ambassador. Other Campus Ambassadors selected include Berenice Lorenzo for the Kenosha Campus and Crystal Shaw for Burlington Center and Elkhorn Campus. District Ambassadors are chosen from the field of three Campus Ambassadors.

Bahr, a Professional Communications program student, will represent Gateway at a statewide leadership conference of District Ambassadors from each college of the Wisconsin Technical College System, serve as the keynote speaker at Gateway’s Adult High School completion ceremony, serve as the college’s Student Responder at the college’s commencement ceremony and will also receive a Gateway Technical College Foundation Inc. tuition voucher.

Lorenzo is enrolled in the Nursing program and Shaw is enrolled in the Veterinary Technician program. They will also receive Foundation tuition vouchers and serve as the student voice to communities and the college from their respective campuses.

Nominees are selected based on their outstanding character, positive attitude, leadership, personal goals, communication skills, enthusiasm, and self-confidence.