Two Kenosha men were arrested Friday for taking power tools from a local Blain’s Farm & Fleet totaling thousands of dollars.

After being caught on camera several times, Bruce G. Braught Jr., 31, and Francesco Ruffalo, 31, were arrested at the 8401 Durand Ave. location when their typical method of operation was foiled by store employees.

According to the criminal complaint, the store had footage of two separate thefts from Dec. 14 and 18 of Ruffalo stealing a combined total of $3,450 worth of power tools.

On both occasions, Ruffalo exited the Farm and Fleet store from the rear agricultural doors to a waiting car driven by Braught.

Ruffalo told the officers he planned to use the tools for gifts, and sell the rest for heroin. He admitted to doing it three to four other times.

Police recovered a plastic tube with brown residue and a plunger from the escape vehicle’s center console, and both men were apparently snorting heroin from the tube earlier in the day, according to a criminal complaint.

Ruffalo was charged with felony retail theft and Braught with felony retail theft as a party to the crime.