I’ve repeatedly heard woman say “Guys only want women in their 20’s and 30’s!” (and this is coming from men in their 50’s and 60’s)

Is it true, or is this really a horrible misnomer about men and what they really want?

1. Biologically, men seek women who they can procreate with. It’s natural and genetically, men seek a woman who they can have children with to carry on their DNA. Now, I’m not saying that all men want to keep procreating, but you can’t change what nature provides instinctively.

2. We live in a society where looks matter. We can’t get around it unless people are willing to do a deeper dive into what makes that person special and wonderful. Sadly, we make snap judgements quickly if we want to pursue or pass. It’s just the way of our society. That is why men are truly attracted to younger women who are typically more appealing. (this is NOT my opinion, but fact.)

3. In all fairness, men do want a woman who is younger FOR A WEEKEND. And let’s face it, during that weekend, they will most likely engage in “adult activities.” But after the “activities” are over, what will they talk about? What will the end game be with people who are so much younger? Will it eventually end in a long-term relationship? Doubtful!

4. I’ve personally found that men who want someone so much younger have self-esteem issues. And honestly, if they need to fill that void in their life with someone who makes them feel better about themselves, this isn’t a man who you may want to date. It’s simply too much work, and I’ve personally chosen projects with zero ROI.

5. A man who wants a relationship based on youth may be feeling his age, his own mortality and needs to feel that he can somehow dodge that bullet. We can’t. And why not live with someone who you can relate to; who shares common interests and goals and who is a bit more forgiving? Looks are great, but they eventually fade. If you have compatibility with someone, why not look at that as the driver in the romance, versus the façade? And thewomen who may go for a man this age-is she searching for a daddy replacement?

6. Finally, in my experience, men truly don’t want someone who is much younger. They want someone who has similar moral fiber, interests, experiences and wants the same thing they want. And how does one sustain the energy of someone half their age? Eventually it wears you out! Age can be irrelevant but the majority of men are feeling their age, too, but in a different way. They don’t want the maintenance of a younger lady-they want a partner, not a project with an expiration date!

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Lori Mendelsohn is a local resident. She purposefully connects people both personally and professionally through her company SmartFunnySingle. Her intuitive skills guide her to introductions and that has resulted in many marriages. Nothing makes her happier using her true purpose in life.

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