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MILWAUKEE, WI — Heading to Milwaukee or work there, you’ll need to bring a mask and wear it under certain conditions after city officials there unanimously passed a mask ordinance.

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Milwaukee officials, including Mayor Tom Barrett, cited the need to limit the transmission of COVID-19 in Milwaukee — the state’s hardest-hit area for the virus.

The ordinance, passed Monday afternoon by the Milwaukee Common Council, requires that anyone who is at least 3 years old must have a mask when they leave their home and travel to a building that’s open to the public.

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When would the ordinance go into effect?

Barrett is expected to sign off on the ordinance as soon as Monday afternoon, according to an Urban Milwaukee report. The ordinance could go into effect later this week, the report stated.

Likewise, the ordinance says that anyone at least 3 years old must have a mask on them when they leave the house, and must wear it when they’re in an outdoor public space and within 6 feet of any other person who is not a member of their family.

Under the ordinance, city officials are charged with establishing a mask requirement for all city employees and other people who are on the premises of any city facility.

Milwaukee mask ordinance details

There are exceptions. According to the ordinance, people aren’t required to wear a mask if they’re consuming food or drink. Also, people with medical conditions may have exemptions.

Under the ordinance there may be certain places where it’s important to verify a person’s identity. Masks aren’t required in those situations. Religious beliefs were also cited as grounds for possible exemptions.

What it could cost you

Authorities said people can get fined between $50 and $500 for a violation.

The ordinance gives the Milwaukee Health Commissioner the power to pursue license revocation or a court order closing a building that’s open to the public for failing to require masks.

The City Council also passed a proposal that would provide free masks to city residents.

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