[socialpoll id=”2313844″]The debacle on Thanksgiving night had Green Bay Packers fans asking themselves “Can it get any worse?” For most of Thursday night’s contest against the Detroit Lions the answer appeared to be “Yes. Yes it can.”

All hope appeared lost for the Packers when they trailed 20-0 in the third quarter. An inspired rally trimmed the lead to two points late in the 4th quarter, but Matthew Stafford’s 29-yard pass to TJ Jones on 3rd and 12 with minutes remaining essentially sealed the game and concurrently gave the Minnesota Vikings a powerful grip on the NFC North. Except it didn’t.

Against all odds, the Packers escaped Ford Field with a victory that saved their season. Fifty years from now all that will be remembered about this game will be the final play – and rightfully so. The “Motown Miracle” was one of the most incredible plays I’ve ever seen. That said, the Packers were in position to steal a victory because their offense came to life in the second half.

Despite being without three(!) starting offensive linemen, Aaron Rodgers led the Packers on two sustained 75+ yard touchdown drives in the second half. They moved the ball with consistency and precision that’s been AWOL for weeks. More than anything else, this was a positive development that indicates maybe – just maybe – the offense is figuring things out.

There will be debate about the face mask penalty that gave the Packers and un-timed down. While it was an iffy call, it’s not like it set up Mason Crosby for a chip shot field goal. Aaron Rodgers still had to launch a pass 70 yards in the air and have Richard Rodgers catch it in the end zone. That’s no small feat.

The Packers needed a shot in the arm to get their season back on track. They got one on Thursday night. We’ll find out soon enough if this victory will propel the Packers to great things. For the time being Packers fans get ten days to bask in the glow of this victory.