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Voters in Mount Pleasant threw their lots in with Gov. Scott Walker, Rep. Paul Ryan, Van Wanggaard and the Racine Unified referendum.

Residents are also sending Rep. Robin Vos back to Madison and chose Brad Schimel as the state’s top cop as Attorney General.

Totals for the village weren’t compiled until 4 a.m. Wednesday, well after all the races – statewide and locally – had been decided.

Here’s how voters cast their ballots:

Gov. Scott Walker: 6,775
Mary Burke: 5,587

Rep. Paul Ryan: 7,325
Rob Zerban: 5,035

Van Wanggaard: 5,331
Randy Bryce: 4,196

Rep. Robin Vos: 8,778
Andy Mitchell: 3,788

Brad Schimel: 6,556
Susan Happ: 5,326

Racine Unified referendum:

Yes: 6,353
No: 5,634