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**Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of Q&A with Mount Pleasant candidates for trustee. These are the candidates’ own words; their responses have not been edited. We do not yet have responses from David DeGroot or John Hewitt.

What sets you apart from other candidate(s)?

Sonny Havn (i): My experience in dealing with issues that come before the Board, always putting myself in the residents shoes before voting on issues. Having a vision for Mount Pleasant, not just looking short term and the easy way out. I have been referred to as “the voice of reason on the Board.”

Drake Miller: I am a small business owner who knows and understands the value of hard, honest work.  I understand what it is like to struggle in a bad economy while trying to keep a small business afloat and “what it takes” to move forward.

If elected, what would your priorities be?

Havn: Complete the Pike River Project, as President of Storm Water Utility District we have received over $3.5 million in grant monies with about $4 million more coming. We have taken over 120 homes out of the flood plain, saving residents lots of insurance premiums. Acquired about 440 acres, created miles of walking and bike trails. All done without raising Storm water ERU fees to our residents. Continue to support quality of life issues so our children will want to stay in this area. Continue to attract companies that provide much needed jobs. Continue to keep taxes as low as possible while still providing the services that our residents expect.

Miller: I would make sure to be accessible to the residents of Mt. Pleasant.  Either by phone, email or in person, I will respond to all of the questions that are presented to me in a timely manner.

Do you support the idea of a school district separate from Racine Unified? Why or why not?

Havn: I would support a study to see if it were feasible, however I think that it would need to be a joint effort with other communities. For Mount Pleasant to start it’s own district would be cost prohibitive, previous studies have indicated that. My understanding is that the current referendums that Sturtevant and Caledonia are doing are stand alone for each village.
I do feel that there needs to be more interaction between Racine Unified School District and the surrounding communities.

Miller: I do not have enough facts regarding the pros/cons to answer this question accurately.